Triwings Led

Precise and non-aggressive wave frequency is projected on the skin to reduce the stress that causes hair loss.

For all skin types

19 years of experience.

Latest medical technology

Scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles…

Treat hair loss

By increasing cell exchange, Triwings LED offers patients an effective solution to fight hair loss. The scalp is revitalized, the micro-vascularization strengthened. Thanks to this method, the hair is strengthened and redensified because better irrigated. The regrowth of new hair is revived, the fall process slows down. The problems of hyper seborrhea and dandruff are eradicated because the flora of the scalp is cleansed under the action of light waves.


Scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles...

Traces of time fade

The TriWings® LED beauty treatments provide an interesting answer when it comes to anti-aging care. Realized in prevention as well as in curative treatment, they will restore the skin’s original architecture by relaunching the production of structural compounds.

Wrinkles and fine lines decrease due to increased production of collagen and elastin. The skin is more toned: rebooted and densified from the inside, it rejuvenates.

The complexion is unified

Treatment with TriWings® LED results in targeted dermal repigmentation: brown spots, redness and micro-vessels fade until they disappear as the sessions progress.

These treatments also provide excellent results for the treatment of acne and the repair of scar lesions it induces. The scarring of the tissues is thus naturally accelerated.

With TriWings® LED treatment, pores are tightened, serum production is reduced, skin texture is refined, complexion is clarified and unsightly marks are erased.

Triwings® LED permanently cleanses the skin by eradicating the surface flora responsible for the majority of imperfections.

Eradic la cellulite

The TriWings® LED beauty treatments effectively fight against encrusted orange skin by inducing a reduction in subcutaneous inflammation. Cellulite is indeed characterized by the presence of saturated aqueous and adipose tissues where the energy circulates poorly.

Triwings® LED boosts cell activity and cleansing mechanisms at the emote level. The quality of the skin is improved, its texture smoothed, its elasticity restored. Your body becomes firmer.

Treat red and white stretch marks

All stretch marks respond well to TriWings® LED treatment. Whether white or red, caused by pregnancy, excess weight or hyper growth, stretch marks disappear up to 90% after a few sessions. The skin is firmed, its pigmentation lightened and evened.

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